Your vehicle’s aircon system is charged with a gas or refrigerant that, over time, simply dissipates (evaporates, vanishes) from the system. The refrigerant gas also acts as a lubricating fluid (much like motor oil lubricates the engine) that ensures the rubber seals and gaskets in the aircon system don’t dry out and crack, resulting in leaks. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to run your aircon for at least 10 minutes every week, no matter what the season.

On average, your vehicle’s aircon system will lose around 10 percent of its gas annually. As the amount of gas in the system decreases, so too does the aircon’s ability to perform to its full potential – and keep the system nicely lubricated. Furthermore, if you let the system run low on refrigerant the compressor will also have to work twice as hard, which means it will wear out quicker.

Therefore, it’s recommended that you have your vehicle’s aircon system checked and re-gassed every two years at Car Cool, Rangiora’s air-conditioning specialists. However, don’t simply re-gas – first get the system checked out, because if there is a leak somewhere, re-gassing will serve no purpose as the gas will just leak out again.

Car Cool’s team of qualified technicians use sophisticated testing gear, so we can quickly check for leaks and diagnose the condition of the aircon system, and help get any air-conditioning repairs sorted for you. So give us a call or pop in to see us today!